Voice Mail (VMS)

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Voice Mail routes unanswered calls to your personal voice mailbox. With Voice Mail from Clear Creek Communications, messages can be retrieved from your home phone, from any touch-tone phone, or your computer at your convenience.

Four packages are offered to meet customer's individual needs:
Answer Only - this plan is designed for users who need to give information only, for example, a community events line. You can record up to a 3 minute greeting that can be easily changed. Callers cannot leave messages with this plan.

Basic VMS - this plan offers robust features that provides up to three different greeting messages, up to 15 stored messages, and thirty days of message retention. A 'stutter' dial-tone tells you when you have a new message.

Enhanced VMS - this plan provides all the features of Basic VMS plus up to 25 stored messages, up to 4 sub mailboxes, pager notification, message forwarding, future delivery messages, and the ability to forward callers to another phone number.

Premium VMS
- this plan is designed for small business customers that need additional message storage. It provides all the features of Enhanced VMS with more storage capacity.

See the chart below for complete package features and pricing. Feature descriptions are listed on the back of this brochure.

Features and Options   Voice Mail Packages
Features Answer Only Basic Enhanced Premium
Monthly Rate $4.95 / $6.95 $5.95 / $8.95 $8.95 / $11.95 $14.95
Max. Sub Mailboxes (additional) 0 0 Up to 4 Up to 9
Max. Stored Messages including Sub-boxes (New and Saved) 0 15 25 60
Max. Mailbox Storage including Sub-mailboxes (Minutes) 0 15 25 60
Saved Message Retention (days) 0 30 30 30
E-Notification   Yes Yes Yes
Pager or Phone # Notification No No Yes Yes
Daily Notification   Yes Yes Yes
Allow Out-Dial No No Yes Yes
Allow Message Forwarding No No Yes Yes
Allow Message Sending No No Yes Yes
Allow Distribution Lists No No Yes Yes
Enable Auto Login Yes Yes Yes Yes
Announce Caller   No Yes Yes
Message Waiting Indication   Yes Yes Yes
Allow Multiple Greetings Yes Yes Yes Yes
Greeting Only Mailbox Yes No No No
Allow Future Delivery No   Yes Yes
Associated Numbers No Yes, up to 3 Yes, up to 5 Yes, up to 9
Phone Central Yes Yes Yes Yes

E-mail Notification and Phone Central for your Voice Mail Service:

E-mail Notification - This feature allows you not only to store your messages in your voice mailbox, but it also converts the Voice Message into an E-mail. You can listen to or forward your messages, save or delete them from your voice mailbox. This is very useful for those who have dial-up internet service. You will never miss a message that is urgent because you are on-line; and you can save your messages on your computer hard drive. You can turn this feature on or off with Phone Central.