Voice Mail (VMS) Feature Descriptions

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Associated Numbers - This feature allows multiple phone numbers to share the same voice mailbox. If a caller attempts to call any of these phone numbers, that subscriber's one VMS mailbox will play its greeting. This allows the subscriber to have to manage only ONE mailbox for all of these associated phone numbers. Up to a possible 9 phone numbers can share 1 voice mailbox.

Auto-Login - This feature will allow you quick access to your mailbox when you are calling from the voice mail phone. You get immediate access to your Voice Mailbox without being asked to enter a User ID or Password. Ideal for those that are not concerned with the security features and want quicker access to their voice mailbox. Can be turned on/off as desired.

Daily Notification - This feature allows you to set up a time of the day to notify you that you have a new voice message. On the days that you do not have any new messages, the service will not give you a notification call.

Distribution Lists - This feature allows you to group different lists of mailboxes. Example: If you wanted to send a memo out to everyone in your Sales Dept., instead of sending it to each individual, you can set up a list of people in that dept. and simply send it to the Sales Distribution List and it will automatically be sent to everyone listed in that department.

E-mail Notification - This feature allows you not only to store your messages in your voice mailbox, but it also converts the Voice Message into an E-mail. You can listen to or forward your messages, save or delete them from your voice mailbox. This is very useful for those that have dial-up Internet service. You will never miss a message that is urgent because you are on-line.

E-mail Only - This feature allows you to forward your voice messages to E-mail and automatically delete them from your voice mailbox. This is useful for those users that are concerned with their mailbox exceeding their capacity limit or want to manage their voice messages from their E-mails only.

Memo - This feature allows you to send memo messages to other mailboxes. The memos are sent directly to the mailboxes without their phone ringing.

Message Forwarding - This feature allows you to forward a message to another mailbox or distribution list. You can also record an intro message to tag to the front of the message you are forwarding.

Message Reply - If the caller presses the 5 key while the message is playing, the service will attempt to place a call to the the person (the number they dialed from) that left the message. (local calls only)

Message Waiting Indication - Feature activates the stutter dial tone or the message light on the phone when there are new messages in the mailbox.

Multiple Greetings
- This feature allows the customers to record multiple greetings in advance so all they have to do is choose which greeting is active to fit the particular scenario.

Out Dial - This feature allows you to dial 0 to call a preset number when reaching a mailbox. Example: "Please leave a message at the tone, or press 0 to connect you to my cell phone."

Pager or Phone Notification - Great for people on the go. A reminder page or telephone call alerts you when you have a new message left in your mailbox.

Phone Central - This PC program allows you to access your voice mail service to retrieve your messages, save or delete them, and make changes to your service from a website. You will receive a User ID and Password to ensure complete privacy.

Sub-Mailboxes - Each user on a telephone line can have their own voice mailbox. PIN access ensures privacy. Great for roommates, family members and people who work out of their home.